Can CBD help with Weight Loss

Can CBD help with Weight Loss

April 01, 2019

Can Using CBD Help You Lose Weight?

Like many people, you might be struggling to lose those last few pounds. But many drugstore variety weight loss supplements come with some pretty scary side effects and ingredients you can't even pronounce!

Is CBD a more natural solution?

You probably know about the many health benefits of adding a CBD supplement to your routine. But what you may not know is the exciting new information about how this incredible natural substance may be able to help you meet your weight loss goals.

CBD is a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anxiolytic, anti-psychotic, anti-tumor, and anti-emetic properties. That's a LOT of "Anti"s!  It’s helping countless individuals around the world tackle chronic pain, achieve restful sleep, balance their mood, and more.

CBD is also proving to be a powerhouse supplement for people who have struggled to lose excess weight.

The exciting news: CBD has been positively linked to the treatment and prevention of obesity. Remarkably, CBD was found to:

  • Stimulate genes and proteins that enhance the breakdown and oxidation of fat
  • Increase the number and activity of mitochondria (which increases the body’s ability to burn calories)

Collectively, these results stem from the ability of CBD to induce “fat browning” – that is, converting what is normally white-colored fat tissue (WAT-white adipose tissue) that stores energy to beige-colored fat tissue (BAT-brown and beige adipose tissue) that burns it. Who knew?!

Your metabolic balance can also play a critical role in your ability to maintain a healthy weight. And a study published in 2012 examined the effects of different phytocannabinoids, such as cannabinol (CBN) and CBD, and demonstrated that cannabinol increased food intake and body weight gain, while CBD decreased food consumption and weight gain. Researchers have also found that CBD helps with decreasing the expression of proteins involved in lipogenesis, or the generation of fat cells.

Finding the perfect dosage for weight loss:

As always, it's VERY important to talk to your doctor about your health concerns before starting any weight loss plan. But the following general guidelines can help you learn the best CBD dose that will support your weight loss goals:

  1. Due to the way CBD is metabolized, it could possibly interfere with your current medications and your doctor may have to adjust the dosage. Again, always talk to your doctor before taking CBD.
  2. Start small. Begin with the smallest recommended dosage of whichever CBD product you choose, perhaps as little as five milligrams. (See our suggested serving chart). Your body may be very depleted of cannabinoids, and supplementing with phytocannabinoids (derived from plants) may take some getting used to.
  3. Maintain the dosage for a few days. As your body gets used to the nutrient, it’s important to maintain the initial dosage for three to five days. Even if you don’t feel the effects immediately, trust that the nutrient is working its magic.
  4. Increase as necessary. If after a few days you don’t feel a change, try increasing your dosage slightly.
  5. Repeat. Go through the process again. Maintain for a few days, then increase if the desired effects still are not felt.
  6. Be Patient: Remember, it can take upwards of 30 days—or more in some cases—for CBD’s full range of effects to be felt. It’s important to be patient and understanding while your body processes this new nutrient and slowly heals.

It's not just CBD:

Of course we would be remiss if we didn't say that diet and exercise are key for a healthy lifestyle. Same as CBD, you'll want to find what works for you! We also love adding in Essential Oils (we LOVE Young Living) as well as other modalities such as reiki, meditation & acupuncture. So many good choices! 

We hope this was helpful for you!
We can’t wait to hear how CBD helps you! 

We would love to hear from you - reach out with any questions or feedback about CBD!

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