We Celebrate Lulu and Independence Day on 4th of July

We Celebrate Lulu and Independence Day on 4th of July

July 04, 2018

Happy Independence Day!

We celebrate the beginning of our country and remember the meaning behind it with you! It’s a time to be grateful for our freedoms and celebrate the history of our country.  

The 4th of July has a deeper meaning for me and my family and an extra-special time to celebrate.

My daughter, Lulu was born on the 4th of July. She turns 8 this year. We are grateful!

Lulu’s story is a big reason WHY I chose to start Phytorite. After seeing how much CBD worked for me and others close to me I continued to research the science and the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids.

Lulu was born with a congenital birth defect called, Chiari Malformation. It’s a neurological disorder where part of the cerebellum, the lower part of the brain, extends into the upper spinal column. This chokes off the flow of spinal fluid and causes pressure on the brain stem and cerebellum. Since it affects the Central Nervous System there are multiple side effects.

For Lulu, her primary symptom is it affects her breathing at night while she sleeps. She takes 2-3 respirations and pauses for about 6-8 seconds. It’s always been super scary, but that is what her little body has always done since she was an infant. She also battles migraines while playing at elevated levels, exhaustion, and chronic tightness in her upper back and neck.

She had the brain decompression surgery on her skull opening and upper spine after she turned 4. It didn’t help the breathing issue, but our hope is she will grow normally with less pressure on her brain.

Through research, I discovered that the US Government has a patent #6630507 on cannabinoids as a neuroprotectant and antioxidant. Research it yourself. The science behind why and how cannabinoids work so well is fascinating.

Since CBD provides neuroprotection per the US Government patent we decided to see how it could help. We know it won’t fix her, but we know it gives her relief and other benefits. My son also used higher doses of CBD for his concussion, which also gave him more relief and a rapid recovery.

For Lulu, giving her CBD means we do not need to load her up on OTC and Rx pain meds and anti-inflammatories. She takes a small dose of Ibuprofen if she is struggling during sports (she loves basketball) and is playing hard. We have experienced that CBD and hemp oil has been a supplement that is safe for my kids. They rarely get sick and when they do catch something it has been minor. So thankful for that, too!

Please share your story and how CBD has changed your life. We’d love to hear from you.

We appreciate you reading our article. Please enter PHYTOBLOG at checkout on Phytorite.com for 10% off your 1st order.

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