Have you heard of Trunited yet?

Think Amazon meets e-bates. Can you imagine earning rebates back from Amazon? Phytorite has entered into an agreement with this amazing new e-Commerce site and community of loyal shoppers. Trunited is the worlds first socialized commerce platform. It has been a fantastic experience for us as a vendor and our customers love getting cash back when they buy our CBD products through Trunited.

As the founder of Phytorite CBD & Hemp, a business owner and someone that loves a great vision, I have been exceedingly impressed with what they are building.

For you and me – Trunited is a Earnings/Shopping Platform with a really cool profit sharing program. You really are earning while you shop! You’re treated like a shareholder.

As a vendor – Phytorite and other small businesses have a loyal customer base.

It is the best WIN – WIN!!!

I'm helping spread the word about them. Please take 3 mins and watch the video at this link:    Then please give me a call!

Online Shopping

If you’re an online shopper and would love to check out how much you can save and earn back from your favorite brands go ahead and start with setting up your account.


For travelers, they have private labeled Priceline VIP to get the best discounts. Just search your next destination and after the hotel results pop up, enter the code: trunited – And watch the discount get even better!!

What's The Catch:

We've researched this company thoroughly because, like a lot of people, we've been burned by MLM's and internet marketing. But we've been very pleased with the results and do all of our online shopping through Trunited. You can check out the initial company press release here and also read up on a 3rd party review of Trunited that we thought was fair and accurate. You can also check out their video:

Get Started:

To get your own account started, click here:

They track everything like an affiliate program. And as an incentive to try Phytorite and hopefully try it through Trunited, for an additional 10% off please use: TRUNITE2018

By the way, we pay 40% back to our Trunited customers! Get ready to save and earn for this holiday season on all your other purchases as well.

We would be happy to give you a quick and exciting orientation of the site when you’re ready and answer any questions you may have. Please call us at 303.218.9625

Happy shopping!


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