Achieve Affiliate Membership

Become an Achieve CBD+ Affiliate Today for the best CBD lines around!


Affiliate Program Rules & Regulations

- No minimum orders ever after 1st order:  1st order must exceed $120.00 to become an affiliate.  After that you have no requirements to purchase product and you are a affiliate.

- You agree to represent the product line to your customers within the provided information by the manufacturers.

- Affiliates agree to promote the products with professionalism and high ethics.

- Affiliate agrees to never misrepresent the product line or companies.

- Marketing - We provide our affiliates marketing materials and you agree to not alter without written permission.

- Schwing marketing provides training to help affiliates sell product and grow business.  Affiliates voluntarily attend trainings at their own discretion.  

- Affiliates agree to hold all parties harmless for any actions, activities or occurrence's in their business.  This is valid when you apply to become an affiliate.

- The product line is subject to change with notice.

- Affiliates must be or become a member of Achieve Systems.  Inquire within!