WHM Sunflower Hemp Shampoo Bar

Keep it real and keep it simple with our Sunflower Shampoo Bar.

Your hair will feel different than with synthetic shampoos so give yourself a few times using the shampoo bar to adjust.

Use all over to cleanse your body, hair, and scalp. Rub all-natural shampoo bar over your wet hair a few times, then massage the scalp and hair to lather up like you would with a liquid shampoo. 

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract for calming and soothing properties and to help with dry, itchy skin.

  • Tea tree oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that are effective against dandruff, dryness, and itchiness, making hair healthy and beautiful.

  • Lavender is calming and soothing to the scalp and helps retain moisture

  • Cinnamon Oil is wonderful for hair growth and encourages skin healing.

  • Yucca Root is an effective natural saponin, which helps create lather and reduce inflammation and itchiness.

  • Ground Oatmeal is great for soothing irritated skin.


Ingredients: High Oleic Sunflower Oil**, Coconut Oil*, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil*, Yucca Root, Ground Oatmeal, Essential Oil Blend, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Aloe Oil. * Notes Certified Organic. Our Palm Oil is RSPO Certified and Sustainably Sourced.

TIP: For soft, shiny hair, follow with an apple cider vinegar rinse (scroll below) to remove soap and mineral buildup left by hard water.

DIY Natural Hair Rinse ~
1 C distilled water
2 TBS apple cider vinegar
*Add a few drops of your favorite WholeMade Infused Essential oils if desired

Combine all ingredients in a bottle and shake well before each use. After shampooing, massage a small amount into hair and scalp. Rinse briefly with cool water or leave in your hair if you'd like. The vinegar smell will dissipate as your hair dries.