Weller Coconut Bites

Coconut Bites - Hemp Oil infused

 An Infused Snack that Makes Life Weller.  (Snack bag - 20 bites)

  • Crunchy & delicious snacks that take the edge off
  • Every bite crafted from sustainably sourced, high-quality ingredients
  • Full-spectrum hemp oil with 5mg CBD cannabidiol to keep you calm, focused and confident
  • Gluten-Free | Non-GMO | Dairy-Free | Vegan

The full-spectrum hemp extract used in every snackable pack of Coconut Bites is 3rd-party tested and verified. It’s even extracted using a clean process called CO2 extraction. This premium extraction method that adds to the cost, but the added quality makes it a fair trade. Whether you snack on one Bite at a time or inhale the entire package, you’ll be enjoying a simple mix of high-quality ingredients that enhance your mind, body, and overall wellness.

 20 bites in each bag - 5mg CBD each bite


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