20 Days and 20 ways to Celebrate 4/20

20 Days and 20 ways to Celebrate 4/20

April 01, 2021

To celebrate the coming 420 this month, PhytoRite has compiled 20 days and 20 ways to celebrate the special occasion by sharing cannabis knowledge and brand partners. 

  1. Watch Grass is Greener – documentary film about cannabis, which premiered on Netflix on April 20, 2019.
  2. Read on the history of 4/20 and why we associate 420 with weed.
  3. Have a painting party and enjoy some cannabis. Get creative.
  4. Listen to Joe Dolce’s Podcast, Brave New Weed
  5. Order and read up on Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana by Michael Backes.
  6. Create some sophisticated edible masterpieces from Bong Appetit
  7. Get frisky with this new cannabis sex product on the market.
  8. Support your local craft hemp farmers in your state.
  9. Read CATO Report: The Effect of State Marijuana Legalization 2021 Update.
  10. Visit a Cannabis convention
  11. Learn why even with legalization of cannabis, we still have a black market
  12. Get involved – volunteer, donate, petition – Last Prisoner Project.
  13. Subscribe to WeedWeek
  14. Watch and subscribe to The Cannabis Show on Youtube. Follow on Twitter @cannabist
  15. Order CBD Artisan Moksha Chocolates. Try their Matcha White Chocolate.
  16. Learn how to make weed infused Bubble tea. (You’ll need canna-milk)
  17. Mark your calendar on June 18th to celebrate Jack Herer’s Birthday. He’s known as the Hemperor. Jack was a known cannabis rights activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.
  18. Listen to songs about Weed: here’s the Rolling Stones 20 Greatest Songs about Weed. From Dylan to the Beatles and Snoop with a little bit of Willie.
  19. Take a hike and enjoy the outdoors. Hiking has been proven to make you happier and healthier. Need suggestions? Check out Dayhikes Near Denver
  20. Happy 420 Day! BOGO offers from PhytoRite! (if you haven't subscribed to our weekly newsletter, subscribe now to get the BOGO offers!)

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