From Ancient Healing to Modern Living

MediTrina is the Roman goddess of health and fertility who brought forth healing by blending the old with the new.

At MediTrina Botanicals, they take the “old” (farming and herbal techniques) and mix it with the “new” (new farming techniques, better extractions, and science) to create longer, more fulfilling lives through the healing power of hemp.

More than just CBD

The future of the hemp industry resides in leveraging the full range of cannabinoids, not simply CBD alone. MediTrina Botanicals is paving the way for the future of cannabinoid products.

With concentrated cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, their products provide targeted relief leveraging the dynamic healing properties of the hemp plant.

Carefully curated CBD, CBG, and CBN products blended with terpenes to elevate the healing experience you are looking for.