Affiliate Program

Help your Audience and Visitors get healthy without the high and share monthly revenue!

CBD has huge momentum in the cannabis industry because the masses are able fell better without any intoxication. 

Your customers are looking for trusted sources of cannabinoid products. You have the credibility they are looking for.

We have the online experience CBD shoppers want:

  • Browse 15 hemp brands and 100+ CBD products in minutes
  • Learn & Discover more resources
  • Add items to cart from catalog
  • Monthly auto-ship with savings options

Let us help you monetize your digital assets and connections all hassle-free. 

  • Make at least 20% on monthly sales

  • Tiered Growth plan available for higher earnings

  • Increase your revenue every month - Repeat buyers are the best!

  • Hassle-free, turn-key set up to start immediately



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Use your designs or ours, with embedded links, and let your customers shop for products that work, and you get paid.
We can work with your marketing team to design a plan that works best within your eco-system. 

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